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Psychometric Assessment

The British Psychological Society uses this definition: 'A psychological test is any procedure on the basis of which inferences are made concerning a person's capacity, propensity or liability to act, react, experience, or to structure or order thought or behaviour in particular ways.'


Psychometric tests are designed to provide a consistent and effective measure of people’s traits, abilities, skills, and interests. The ability to measure these characteristics enhances decision making for recruitment and selection, individual and team development, organizational change and career directions.

Psychological tests deal separately with three aspects of people; in that:

  • they differ in their ability to perform or carry out different tasks (Aptitude)

  • they vary in their motivation, in the direction and strength of outside interests, and in their values and opinions (Interest) 

  • they differ in their style or manner of doing things, and in the way they interact with their environment and with other people (Personality). 

Tests may measure aptitude, or offer interpretations of interests or personality. These may be used in clinical, educational or employment settings.


Psychometric tests can be used to:

  • Predict job performance

  • Job placement 

  • Resolve conflict  

  • Improve communication  

  • Make career decisions  

  • Identify training needs  


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